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The AKZ Motors Rent A Car, which is operating with a new generation car rental slogan that will bring a different understanding to the short-term car rental sector, aims to serve its customers with a difference-creating approach.
Founded with 100% domestic capital, AKZ Motors Rent A Car is the only Turkish rent a car brand with the vision to become a global brand. Clients who are leasing for business or private purposes have been brought out in anticipation of a brand that has institutionality in the direction of their expectations but at the same time they find their country sincere.
AKZ Motors The most important feature that distinguishes the Rent A Car brand from other global and corporate rent a car companies is the technological infrastructure developed by considering the comfort and happiness of its customers.
AKZ Motors Rent A Car provides trust and support at every step of the car rental process. AKZ Motors Rent A Car which develops its products and services considering all the expectations of its customers aims to provide service on expectations by using technology in every matter that the vehicle leasing customer needs.

Akz Used Vehicle

Our mission;
To become a reference point in the second hand automobile market with the quality and diversity of service we provide;
Providing an honest, sincere, professional and privileged service to all individuals and companies in contact with our mark,
transforming into a regular relationship;
To create the knowledge, skills and vision to create service standards of used car market
Our vision;
By gathering all the services that are used in second hand car trade under the same roof, professional and experienced equip, quality and reliable
to provide a service;
To transform our customers into brand ambassadors by providing the highest level of customer satisfaction;
To provide service standards and variety, to produce a comprehensive service and meet all customer expectations
Our values;
Creating happy customers with happy employees
Transparent and honest service
Innovative, progressive and leading business approach
Well-equipped and professional team with service
A friendly and sincere approach


Akz Construction

Our vision
We are aware of the responsibility of installing AKZ Motors Construction Rent a Car. Our target; in the sectors we are in, to be able to be the best in the forefront with our quality, to create the highest social and economic value for our country.
Our mission
It is our belief that the work experience we have achieved in our long-standing country and in many parts of the world is firmly rooted in our traditions, but also on the generations that will be open to innovation and development, producing goods and services with the strength we receive from society and our employees.
Our values
Quality, Trust, Reputation.
Our long-standing reputation based on many years, built on quality and trust. Our commitment; to deliver all projects accurately and on time, to produce robust and qualified work, to produce the most reliable goods and services. When doing these things, there is no compromise from honesty, righteousness and consistency. Our power is always the most indispensable element to work, to achieve high success and always to reach.
Openness to Commitment to Traditions and Innovation
Tradition is innovatively combined under this robust framework, which has been based on many years. We will create ourselves by placing contemporary and progressive approaches diligently on the basis of our deep and lasting values. We work to ensure that our employees, our business partners and visible contributions to our customers are constantly learning and improving.
Equality, Justice, Fidelity
Even our smallest achievements are too big to be the work of one person. Acting on the fact that people do great work but only by trusting and relying on each other, our managers and all of our employees within our Community have been locked into one another as a family. All members of the Nurol family have a strong team spirit that is building, love, respect, and dedication.
Community Benefit
With the awareness that we are a part of society, we take care that the goals of the company are in harmony with the interests of the country and society. In order to create a sustainable future, we will investigate our obligations under social and social duty consciousness and perform them in the most beneficial way.
Respect for the Environment
The company is one of the basic principles of our culture; is to act with the awareness that in all our business processes the protection of nature and ecological benefit are the primary priorities for future generations to increase their quality of life.

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