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AKZ Motors Construction Rent a Car

The AKZ Motors Rent A Car, which is operating with a new generation car rental slogan that will bring a different understanding to the short-term car rental sector, aims to serve its customers with a difference-creating approach.
Founded with 100% domestic capital, AKZ Motors Rent A Car is the only Turkish rent a car brand with the vision to become a global brand. Clients who are leasing for business or private purposes have been brought out in anticipation of a brand that has institutionality in the direction of their expectations but at the same time they find their country sincere.
AKZ Motors The most important feature that distinguishes the Rent A Car brand from other global and corporate rent a car companies is the technological infrastructure developed by considering the comfort and happiness of its customers.
AKZ Motors Rent A Car provides trust and support at every step of the car rental process. AKZ Motors Rent A Car which develops its products and services considering all the expectations of its customers aims to provide service on expectations by using technology in every matter that the vehicle leasing customer needs.


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As AKZ Motors Rent A Car, we guarantee that you will be there whenever you need.
Odabaşı Mah. Çevreyolu Cad. No:158/C Antakya HATAY
Telephone : (0326) 502 01 09
E-mail : info@akz.com.tr